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Blood Vessels

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Biological context of Blood Vessels

  • After angiogenesis is initiated, antagonists of this integrin induce apoptosis of the proliferative angiogenic vascular cells, leaving preexisting quiescent blood vessels unaffected [19].
  • The chimeric peptide was efficiently taken up into blood vessels and endothelial cells, resulting in selective inhibition of acetylcholine (Ach)-induced vasodilation and nitric oxide (NO) production, respectively [20].
  • Angiogenic responses in three distinct in vivo models were enhanced in Akt1(-/-) mice; these enhanced responses were associated with impairment of blood vessel maturation and increased vascular permeability [21].
  • A possible mechanism of angiogenic synergism between PDGF-BB and FGF-2 involves upregulation of the expression of PDGF receptor (PDGFR)-alpha and PDGFR-beta by FGF-2 in newly formed blood vessels [22].
  • Our results suggest that the coagulation cascade and PAR1 modulate endothelial cell function in developing blood vessels and that thrombin's actions on endothelial cells-rather than on platelets, mesenchymal cells, or fibrinogen-contribute to vascular development and hemostasis in the mouse embryo [23].

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Gene context of Blood Vessels

  • Our data suggest a critical role for ALK1 in the control of blood vessel development or repair [34].
  • Here we report that formation of blood vessels was abnormal, but not abolished, in heterozygous VEGF-deficient (VEGF+/-) embryos, generated by aggregation of embryonic stem (ES) cells with tetraploid embryos (T-ES) and even more impaired in homozygous VEGF-deficient (VEGF-/-) T-ES embryos, resulting in death at mid-gestation [35].
  • The defect in blood vessel formation in Arnt-/- yolk sacs is similar to the angiogenic abnormalities reported for mice deficient in vascular endothelial growth factor or tissue factor [36].
  • Rgs2-/- mice develop marked hypertension, and their blood vessels show enhanced contraction and decreased cGMP-mediated relaxation [37].
  • Transgenic overexpression of Ang2 disrupts blood vessel formation in the mouse embryo [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Blood Vessels


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