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Disruption of the midkine gene (Mdk) delays degeneration and regeneration in injured peripheral nerve.

Midkine (MK) is a growth factor implicated in the development and repair of various tissues, especially neural tissues. MK acts as a reparative neurotrophic factor in damaged peripheral nerves. A postulated role of MK in the degeneration and regeneration of sciatic nerves was explored by comparing wild-type (Mdk(+/+)) mice with MK-deficient (Mdk(-/-)) mice after freezing injury. In the Mdk(-/-) mice, a regenerative delay was observed, preceded by a decelerated Wallerian degeneration (WD). The relative wet weight of the soleus muscle slowly declined, and recovery was delayed compared with that in the Mdk(+/+) mice. In the regenerating nerve, unmyelinated axons were unevenly distributed, and some axons contained myelin-like, concentrically lamellated bodies. In the endplates of soleus muscles, nerve terminals containing synaptic vesicles disappeared in both mice. In Mdk(-/-) mice, the appearance of nerve terminals was delayed in synaptic vesicles of terminal buttons after injury. The recovery of evoked electromyogram was delayed in Mdk(-/-) mice compared with Mdk(+/+) mice. Our results suggested a delay in axonal degeneration and regeneration in Mdk(-/-) mice compared with Mdk(+/+) mice, and the delayed regeneration was associated with a delayed recovery of motor function. These findings show that a lack of MK following peripheral nerve injury is a critical factor in degeneration and regeneration, and manipulation of the supply of MK may offer interesting therapeutic options for the treatment of peripheral nerve damage.[1]


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