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Sciatic Nerve

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  • Using recombinant fragments of LN-alpha2 (rLN-alpha2), the M. leprae-binding site was localized to the G domain. rLN-alpha2G mediated M. leprae binding to cell lines and to sciatic nerves of dystrophic dy/dy mice lacking LN-alpha2, but expressing laminin receptors [11].
  • In control sciatic nerves with grafted Trembler nerve segments, these changes were spatially restricted: they were confined to axon segments without normal myelination [12].
  • Daily administration of progesterone elevated the steady-state levels of Pmp22 and Mpz mRNA in the sciatic nerve, resulting in enhanced Schwann cell pathology and a more progressive clinical neuropathy [13].
  • Although CNTF is abundant in adult sciatic nerve, the mature protein lacks a signal sequence and is not secreted; therefore, it has been proposed to act as a lesion factor [14].
  • Here we report that after lesion of the rat sciatic nerve there is a large transient increase in the amount of GDN messenger RNA and of released GDN [15].

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