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Identification of human platelet alpha 2-adrenoceptors with a new antagonist [3H]-RX821002, a 2-methoxy derivative of idazoxan.

1. The binding of a new alpha 2-adrenoceptor antagonist, [3H]-RX821002 (2-(2-methoxy-1,4-benzodioxan-2-yl)-2-imidazoline), was investigated in human platelet membranes and compared with [3H]-yohimbine binding parameters. 2. Analysis of kinetic data revealed association and dissociation time courses consistent with a simple biomolecular reaction. Saturation isotherms showed that [3H]-RX821002 labelled a higher total number of alpha 2-binding sites (224 +/- 31 vs 168 +/- 24 fmol mg-1 protein) than [3H]-yohimbine and with higher affinity (Kd: 0.92 +/- 0.06 vs 1.51 +/- 0.08 nM). Moreover [3H]-RX821002 exhibited a lower percentage of nonspecific binding 3. The difference in total binding is due to a better labelling of the alpha 2-adrenoceptors in the low affinity state by [3H]-RX821002 since the labelled receptors number in high affinity state was identical with the two radioligands. 4. [3H]-RX821002 binding displayed a specificity similar to that obtained with [3H]-yohimbine. The potency of various compounds acting on adrenoceptors was: yohimbine greater than oxymetazoline greater than UK14304 greater than (-)-adrenaline greater than prazosin greater than or equal to (+)-adrenaline greater than isoprenaline. This order of potency is classical for an alpha 2A-adrenoceptor. 5. RX821002 is a more potent alpha 2-adrenoceptor antagonist than yohimbine on adrenaline-induced platelet aggregation. 6. These results indicate that [3H]-RX821002 is a suitable ligand for the identification of human platelet alpha 2-adrenoceptors.[1]


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