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Overlapping of the VP2- VP3 gene and the VP1 gene in the SV40 genome.

The nucleotide sequence of the SV40 Hind E fragment has been determined mainly by the partial chemical degradation procedure of Maxam and Gilbert (1977). The sequence of the strand with the same polarity as the late messenger RNA shows only one open reading frame for translation. Considering that VP3 corresponds to the carbosyl terminal part of VP2, and considering various evidence which indicates that the SV40 Hind E segment is part of the amino acid sequence of VP2- VP3. It continues clockwise in Hind K, where it terminates with a UAA signal. The latter is located 110 nucleotides beyond the initiation signal for the major structural protein VP1 (Fiers et al., 1975; Van de Voorde et al., 1976). Hence this small overlapping region of the genome codes for the synthesis of three different proteins in two different reading frames. The deduced amino acid sequence covers a major part of the vp3 poly peptide, and the amino acid composition is in good agreement with published values (Greenaway and Levine, 1973).[1]


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