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Ligand-binding characteristics of rat serum-type mannose-binding protein (MBP-A). Homology of binding site architecture with mammalian and chicken hepatic lectins.

Sugar-binding characteristics of rat serum mannose-binding protein ( MBP) were studied using the carbohydrate-recognition domain of this protein expressed from a cloned cDNA. To assess the binding affinity of various test compounds, they were added as inhibitors in a binding assay in which 125I- MBP was incubated with yeast cells and the extent of binding was estimated from the radioactivity associated with the pelleted cells. The results of such inhibition assays suggest that MBP has a small binding site which is probably of the trough-type. The 3- and 4-OH of the target sugar are indispensable, while the 6-OH is not required. These characteristics are shared by the rat hepatic lectin and chicken hepatic lectin, both of which are C-type lectins containing carbohydrate-recognition domains highly homologous to that of MBP. Apparently, the related primary structures of these lectins give rise to similar gross architecture of their binding sites, despite the fact that each exhibits different sugar binding specificities.[1]


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