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Neuropsychological outcome after traumatic temporal lobe damage.

The most frequent sequelae after severe brain injury include changes in personality traits, disturbances of emotional behaviour and impairment of cognitive functions. In particular, emotional changes and/or verbal and non verbal dysfunctions were found in patients with bilateral or unilateral temporal lobe lesions. The aim of our study is to correlate the localization of the brain damage after severe brain injury, in particular of the temporal lobe, with the cognitive impairment and the emotional and behavioural changes resulting from these lesions. The patients with right temporal lobe lesions showed significantly better scores in verbal intelligence and verbal memory in comparison with patients with left temporal lobe lesions and those with other focal brain lesions or diffuse brain damage. In contradistinction, study of the personality and the emotional changes (MMPI and FAF) failed to demonstrate pathological scores in the 3 groups with different CT lesions, without any significant difference being found between the groups with temporal lesions and those with other focal brain lesions or diffuse brain damage. The severity of the brain injury and the prolongation of the disturbance of consciousness could, in our patients, account for prevalence of congnitive impairment on personality and emotional changes.[1]


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