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Evaluating the magnitude of socio-medical problems of rheumatic diseases in adult urban population.

In the course of 1982 and 1983 a study was carried out on the prevalence of rheumatic symptoms and the identification of rheumatic diseases in the urban population of the Zagreb commune of Medvescak. The representative sample consisted of 5% of the adult population of both sexes, amounting to 1999 examinees. Rheumatic symptoms were found in 59.6%; in 41.6% of women and 18 of men. The prevalence of the most frequent rheumatic disease and the influence of age and sex on the frequency of the onset of symptoms were determined. By random sampling, of the 1191 surveyed with symptoms (42%), 500 were invited for a rheumatological examination; 238 responded (47.6%). Persons with rheumatic, symptoms who did not respond to the invitation were also interviewed in order to find out the reason for their not coming to the examination. Rheumatic changes were found in 86% of the examined. Most frequently diagnosed were different locations of degenerative changes of the joints (48.3% of all diagnoses). The magnitude of the problem of rheumatic diseases was assessed, the estimates being drawn on the basis of complex probability. Based on the results and estimates, it was concluded that 35% of the observed adult population suffered from diseases of the locomotor system and that they needed treatment but that only half of them were being treated (16%). The overall magnitude of the problem of rheumatic diseases appeared to be within the expected limits, with a high percentage of degenerative diseases of the joints.[1]


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