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Radiological and histologic studies of the mandibular cortex of ovariectomized monkeys.

OBJECTIVE: The objective was to study the radiological and histologic changes in the mandibular cortices of ovariectomized monkeys. STUDY DESIGN: Twelve female, adult, Cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) were used. Under anesthesia, 1 group was bilaterally ovariectomized (OVX), and the other (control group) underwent sham surgery. Seventy-six weeks after surgery, the monkeys were humanely killed, their mandibles were excised, and their mandibular inferior cortices (MIC) and adjacent cortices were examined histologically and with panoramic radiographs and micro computed tomography. RESULTS: Striped shadows were seen on the endosteal side of the OVX cortices on panoramic radiographs. Histologic observation revealed many enlarged pores with eroded surfaces and calcein labeling (indicating osteon remodeling) in the OVX cortices. CONCLUSIONS: In the MIC and adjacent cortices of OVX monkeys, enlarged Haversian canals were seen and there were indications of a high rate of bone turnover. The enlarged Haversian canals resulted in striped shadows and unclear endosteal margins on radiographic images.[1]


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