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Macaca fascicularis

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  • Endotoxin-free thymosin fraction 5 elevated corticotropin, beta-endorphin, and cortisol in a dose- and time-dependent fashion when administered intravenously to prepubertal cynomolgus monkeys [8].
  • We report here the comparison of the adhesin knockout mutant (DS17-8) and the class-switch mutant (DS17-1) with the wild-type (DS17) for in vivo colonization of the gut, vagina, and bladder of cynomolgus monkeys [9].
  • We studied proliferation and interleukin 2 production by B6 mouse spleen cells in response to stimulation by irradiated cynomolgus monkey spleen cells and compared the results with responses against whole MHC-disparate allogeneic controls (BALB/c) [10].
  • A hydroxyl radical-like species oxidizes cynomolgus monkey artery wall proteins in early diabetic vascular disease [4].
  • The remarkable similarities between the simian and B19 parvoviruses suggest that experimentally infected cynomolgus monkeys may serve as a useful animal model of human B19 infection [11].

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