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D-2 but not D-1 dopamine agonists produce augmented behavioral response in rats after subchronic treatment with methamphetamine or cocaine.

A study was performed to examine behavioral response to a challenge of selective dopamine D-1 and D-2 agonists in rats previously sensitized by subchronic administration of methamphetamine or cocaine. Rats in three groups received repeated injections (IP) of saline, methamphetamine (4 mg/kg/day) or cocaine (20 mg/kg/day), respectively, for 14 days. After an abstinence period of 7-13 days, all groups were challenged with either a selective D-1 agonist (SKF 38393) or D-2 agonists (quinpirole or RU 24213). The ability of SKF 38393 (6 mg/kg or 18 mg/kg) to produce grooming behavior did not differ significantly among the saline-, methamphetamine- and cocaine-treated groups. In contrast, quinpirole (1 mg/kg) and RU 24213 (3 mg/kg) produced more intense stereotypy consisting of rearing, sniffing and repetitive head movement in the two psychostimulant-treated groups than in the saline-treated group. Such augmented response to selective D-2 agonists was observed even after a 1-month abstinence period. These results suggest that the enduring behavioral sensitization induced by two pharmacologically distinct psychostimulant agents, methamphetamine and cocaine, occurs through a common neurobiological mechanism of lasting supersensitivity in postsynaptic D-2, but not D-1 dopamine receptors.[1]


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