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X-linked hypophosphatemia: the mutant gene is expressed in teeth as well as in kidney.

Mutation at a locus (HPDR) on the X chromosome (McKusick 30780 [HPDR1]; 30781 [HPDR2]) causes impaired renal phosphate transport, hypophosphatemia, and an associated impairment in the process of mineralization in bone and teeth (X-linked hypophosphatemia [XLH]). We measured the dental pulp profile area (PRATIO [= pulp area/tooth area]) and serum phosphorus (Pi) values in uniformly treated XLH patients (six males, 81 teeth, 1,457 Pi values; 11 females, 129 teeth, 1,439 Pi values). Serum Pi values, reflecting the metabolic environment of tooth development, were obtained by repeated measurement between 1 mo and 26 years of age during treatment. PRATIO values calculated from standardized Rinn radiographs were used as outcome measurements of tooth development in XLH patients and in age-matched controls (12 males, 100 teeth; 27 females, 275 teeth). Age-dependent serum Pi values were not different in the treated XLH males and females. In teeth forming primary dentin there was no gene dosage effect on PRATIO values apparent in subjects below 15 years of age. However, in teeth forming secondary dentin a gene dosage was found in the subjects aged 15 to 25 years: XLH male teeth (n = 65) mean +/- SD = 0.163 +/- 0.046; XLH female teeth (n = 75) mean +/- SD = 0.137 +/- 0.039; control teeth (n = 209) mean +/- SD = 0.116 +/- 0.023; (higher PRATIO values mean less development or mineralization of secondary dentin); differences in these PRATIO values (males vs. female and XLH vs. control) were significant by mixed-model analysis of variance.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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