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Dental Pulp

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  • We measured the dental pulp profile area (PRATIO [= pulp area/tooth area]) and serum phosphorus (Pi) values in uniformly treated XLH patients (six males, 81 teeth, 1,457 Pi values; 11 females, 129 teeth, 1,439 Pi values) [7].
  • The collagen bundles were more often observed in the 12-day gland cultured in the presence of bovine dental pulp collagenase inhibitor, which had been shown to enhance cleft formation [8].
  • An interstitial collagenase was purified from the explant medium of bovine dental pulp and was shown to degrade collagens I and III but not IV and V [8].
  • Clinical relevance of these observations came from immunohistochemical analysis showing that CCL2 was expressed in vivo by odontoblasts and blood vessels present under active carious lesions but not in healthy dental pulps [9].
  • HPCs expressed both mRNA and the products of calcitonin gene-related peptide, substance P, and proteinase-activated receptor-2 (PAR-2) that were also found in dental pulp fibroblast-like cells [10].

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