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Modular structure of a chicken lysozyme silencer: involvement of an unusual thyroid hormone receptor binding site.

Silencer elements, by analogy to enhancer elements, function independently of their position and orientation. We show that the chicken lysozyme silencer S-2.4 kb has many other characteristics in common with enhancer elements. The silencer is comprised of modules that independently repress gene activity--repression being increased synergistically when different or identical modules are combined. Repression is effective both on a complete and on a minimal promoter consisting of a TATA box only. One silencer module is bound in vitro by a 75-93 kd protein, termed NeP1; the other can be bound either by the product of the oncogene v-erbA or by the thyroid hormone receptor. This erbA binding site is unusual in that the palindromic sequence is inverted.[1]


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