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Leukotriene constriction of mouse pial arterioles in vivo is endothelium-dependent and receptor-mediated.

The diameters of pial arterioles of mice were monitored in vivo with an image-splitting technique and television microscopy. Concentrations of leukotriene C4 as low as 10(-7) M constricted the arterioles. The leukotriene C4-D4 receptor blocker ICI 198615 (10(-8) M) inhibited the response. Endothelial injury by helium-neon laser/Evans blue technique eliminated the constriction and unmasked a slight but consistent relaxation that was not inhibited by 10(-8) M ICI 198615. Since leukotrienes are produced by the brain and enter the cerebrospinal fluid in ischemia, head trauma, and subarachnoid hemorrhage, the possibility that leukotrienes C4 and D4 contribute to decreases in cerebral blood flow during these conditions should be considered. However, the present data makes such a possibility far less likely because the endothelium is frequently injured in these conditions, and therefore the ability of leukotrienes to constrict vessels would be severely curtailed.[1]


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