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Associations of Endothelium with chemical compounds

  • We repeated the measurements after an infusion of ketanserin, an antagonist of serotonin receptors that is thought to block the effect of serotonin on receptors in the arterial wall but not in the endothelium [25].
  • Prostacyclin production may be low in healthy persons because there is almost no stimulus for its production but enhanced in patients with severe atherosclerosis as a consequence of platelet interactions with endothelium or other vascular insults [30].
  • BACKGROUND: Endothelin is a powerful vasoconstrictor peptide derived from the endothelium [31].
  • The nucleotide uridine adenosine tetraphosphate (Up(4)A) was isolated from the supernatant of stimulated human endothelium and identified by mass spectrometry [32].
  • The nitrovasodilators are another class of relaxants which exert their effects through the formation of cyclic GMP, although their relaxation is independent of the presence of the endothelium [24].

Gene context of Endothelium

  • Although CD36 has a widespread distribution on microvascular endothelium, it may not be expressed on all capillary beds where sequestration occurs, especially in the brain [33].
  • CD44 is a tightly regulated cell adhesion molecule present on leukocytes and implicated in their attachment to endothelium during an inflammatory immune response [34].
  • EPAS1 expression is limited to the endothelium of mouse embryos and, in agreement with its cell type-specific expression pattern, is capable of specifically activating the transcription of the endothelial tyrosine kinase gene Tie-2 [35].
  • Dll4, a novel Notch ligand expressed in arterial endothelium [36].
  • P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1 (PSGL-1) is a leukocyte adhesion molecule involved in cell tether and rolling on activated endothelium [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Endothelium


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