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Acetohydroxy acid synthase activity from a mutation at ilvF in Escherichia coli K-12.

Examination of the ilvF locus at 54 min on the Escherichia coli K-12 chromosome revealed that it is a cryptic gene for expression of a valine-resistant acetohydroxy acid synthase (acetolactate synthase; EC distinct from previously reported isozymes. A spontaneous mutation, ilvF663, yielded IlvF+ enzyme activity that was multivalently repressed by all three branched-chain amino acids, was completely insensitive to feedback inhibition, was highly stable at elevated temperatures, and expressed optimal activity at 50 degrees C. The IlvF+ enzyme activity was expressed in strains in which isozyme II was inactive because of the ilvG frameshift in the wild-type strain K-12 and isozymes I and III were inactivated by point mutations or deletions. Tn5 insertional mutagenesis yielded two IlvF- mutants, with the insertion in ilvF663 in each case. These observations suggest that the ilvF663 locus may be a coding region for a unique acetohydroxy acid synthase activity.[1]


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