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An oxygen dependence in chromium mutagenesis.

Evidence is provided that mutagenicity in Salmonella by a chromium(VI) salt and a chromium(III) compound has a differential dependence on the presence of oxygen. The mutagenic chromium(III) compound, cis-dichlorobis(2,2'-bipyridyl)chromium(III), reverted Salmonella strains, TA102 and TA2638, only under aerobic conditions. Potassium dichromate (chromium VI) required the presence of oxygen to revert the Salmonella strain TA102 but induced a moderate reversion frequency in TA2638 under anaerobic conditions. The data also support a role for oxygen radicals in chromium-mediated mutagenesis and suggests at least two pathways by which chromium compounds can induce mutations.[1]


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