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Differences in feminine and masculine characteristics in women as a function of handedness: support for the Geschwind/Galaburda theory of brain organization.

The Geschwind/Galaburda testosterone theory successfully predicted differences in feminine sex role identification and behavior between women with anomalous dominance and standard dominance. The women with anomalous dominance (consisting of left-handed and ambidextrous as well as right-handed women with first-degree non-right-handed relatives) were compared to women with standard dominance (right-handed women with all right-handed first-degree relatives) on the Bem Test of Sex Role Identity and a tomboy scale. Across three samples, handedness classifications were related to both tomboy characteristics and sex role identification. In addition, the study showed that the anomalous dominance women had a higher masculine sex role identification as compared to the college normative sample for the Bem, while the standard dominance women had a higher feminine identification than the normative sample.[1]


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