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Gender Identity

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Disease relevance of Gender Identity


Psychiatry related information on Gender Identity


High impact information on Gender Identity

  • They have plasma testosterone levels in the high normal range, show an excellent response to testosterone and are unique models for evaluating the effect of testosterone, as compared with a female upbringing, in determining gender identity [11].
  • It has been proposed that gender identity and sexual orientation are influenced by the prenatal sex steroid milieu [12].
  • The women with anomalous dominance (consisting of left-handed and ambidextrous as well as right-handed women with first-degree non-right-handed relatives) were compared to women with standard dominance (right-handed women with all right-handed first-degree relatives) on the Bem Test of Sex Role Identity and a tomboy scale [13].
  • Gender role development in two clinical syndromes: Turner syndrome versus constitutional short stature [14].
  • Since the virilization was too developed to change the sex role, the patient remained as a male subject without cortisol replacement therapy and underwent a plastic operation to construct the penile urethra [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gender Identity

  • Thus, while androgen action plays a role in the process, additional undefined psychological, social, and/or biologic factors must be determinants of gender identity/role behavior [16].
  • Plasma steroid hormones in relation to behavioral sex role reversal in the spotted sandpiper, Actitis macularia [17].
  • Furthermore, the rare men with mutations that impair estrogen synthesis or the estrogen receptor have male gender role behavior [18].
  • Data were collected before and after training and again one month after the end of the training using the Rotter's Internal versus External Control of Reinforcement Scale, Sex Role Inventory, Assertive Scale, Esteem Scale, and Interpersonal Communication Satisfaction Inventory [19].
  • The Chinese Gender Role Stress scales. Factor structure and predictive validity [20].

Biological context of Gender Identity


Anatomical context of Gender Identity


Gene context of Gender Identity


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gender Identity


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