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Purification and properties of different isoforms of bovine cathepsin B.

A rapid purification procedure is described for cathepsin B from bovine liver. After preparation of crude lysosomal extracts, the method only involves DEAE Zeta-Prep-Disk chromatography, gel filtration, and fast protein liquid chromatography on Mono-S column. Two active peaks (P1 and P2) of cathepsin B were distinguished. Both presented uncleaved (relative mass (Mr) 30,000) and cleaved (Mr 25,000 + Mr 5000) chains, but different isoforms as revealed by isoelectrofocusing. These two different populations of cathepsin B isoforms nevertheless exhibited similar enzymatic properties. Km and kcat were 114 microM and 52 s-1, and 125 microM and 75 s-1, for hydrolysis of Z-Arg-Arg-NMec by P1 and P2, respectively. Both were rapidly inhibited by low concentrations of E-64 or leupeptin, but were unaffected by cathepsin-L-specific inhibitor Z-Phe-Phe-CHN2.[1]


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