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Chordal replacement in mitral valve repair.

Chordal replacement greatly extends the possibility of repair of atrioventricular valves. Both glutaraldehyde-tanned xenograft pericardial chordae ( GTXP) and extruded polytetrafluorethylene chordae (ePTFE) heal to papillary muscles and cusps. Neither type elongates or shrinks. GTXP may thicken and stiffen with time. ePTFE is covered by a normal fibrosa and intima (a new chorda is grown around the ePTFE suture) experimentally and in small sizes (e.g., CV 5), retains flexibility. The results of late follow-up (5-10 years) with GTXP chordae and early follow-up (6-58 months) with ePTFE chordae are encouraging.[1]


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