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Isolation and characterization of the gene encoding bovine adenylate kinase isozyme 2.

Mitochondrial adenylate kinase isozyme 2 ( AK2) exists in two isoforms, AK2A and AK2B, which have the same amino-acid sequence except for the C-terminal portion. We have isolated the gene encoding AK2 from a bovine genomic library. The gene covers about 25 kb and consists of seven exons and six introns. The nucleotide sequences from exon 1 to the 5' half of exon 6 encode the portion common to AK2A and AK2B, while the sequences of the 3' half of exon 6 and exon 7 direct the unique portions of AK2A and AK2B, respectively. Therefore, an alternative splicing mechanism is suggested in generating two types of mRNA encoding AK2A and AK2B. The 5'-flanking region of the gene lacks a TATA box, but contains three CAAT boxes. The G + C content of this region is high and eight copies of GC box are found. These features of the promoter region resemble those of 'housekeeping' genes. S1 mapping and primer extension analyses revealed multiple transcription start points. The 581-bp region just upstream from the start codon functions as a promoter in the expression of the cat gene in Chinese hamster ovary cells.[1]


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