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Anaphylactic relase of a basophil kallikrein-like activity. II. A mediator of immediate hypersensitivity reactions.

This report describes the immune release of a new mediator from human peripheral leukocytes, a basophil kallikrein-like activity (BK-A). The release process is initiated by the interaction of antigen on anti-IgE with cell-bound IgE, and appears to be similar in mechanism to the relase of histamine and other mediators of the immediate hypersensitivity reaction. The dose-response relationships and kinetics of histamine and BK-A release from antigen-challenged peripheral leukocytes are similar. The relase of the BK-A is calcium and temperature dependent, requires metabolic energy, and is controlled by hormone-receptor interactions that influence the cellular level of cyclic AMP, as has been described for other mediators of immediate hypersensitivity reactions. The data indicate that the interaction of BK-A with human plasma kininogen, generates immunoreactive kinin. We conclude that the antigen-IgE interation leads to the release from human basophils of a new mediator, a basophil kallikrein-like activity which may well be a link between reactions of immediate hypersenstivitity and the plasma and/or tissue kinin-generating systems.[1]


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