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Titration streptomycin therapy for bilateral Meniére's disease. Follow-up report.

Initial reports of the use of parenteral streptomycin for bilateral Meniere's disease (MD) have demonstrated success in reducing the vestibular symptoms and, in some patients, stabilizing hearing. The long-term follow-up (mean, 5.1 years) of 19 patients treated with intramuscular streptomycin for bilateral MD is presented. The amount of streptomycin administered (5 to 50 g) was determined by clinical symptoms and by serial testing of the reduction in the slow-phase velocity on electronystagmography. Episodic vertigo was totally relieved in 12 patients and improved in severity and frequency in an additional 4 patients. Permanent posttreatment dysequilibrium occurred in 47% of the patients treated. The changes in hearing (speech reception threshold) were independent of the therapeutic effect of streptomycin on the vestibular system. The overall results suggest that the intramuscular titration of streptomycin should continue to be considered as one of the therapeutic options in patients with disabling vertigo due to bilateral MD.[1]


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