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Aoyap1 regulates OTA synthesis by controlling cell redox balance in Aspergillus ochraceus.

Among the various factors correlated with toxin production in fungi, oxidative stress is a crucial one. In relation to this, an important role is played by oxidative stress-related receptors. These receptors can transduce the "oxidative message" to the nucleus and promote a transcriptional change targeted at restoring the correct redox balance in the cell. In Aspergillus parasiticus, the knockout of the ApyapA gene, a homologue of the yeast Yap-1, disables the fungus's capacity to restore the correct redox balance in the cell. As a consequence, the onset of secondary metabolism and aflatoxins synthesis is triggered. Some clues as to the involvement of oxidative stress in the regulation of ochratoxin A (OTA) synthesis in Aspergillus ochraceus have already been provided by the disruption of the oxylipin-producer AoloxA gene. In this paper, we add further evidence that oxidative stress is also involved in the regulation of OTA biosynthesis in A. ochraceus. In fact, the use of certain oxidants and, especially, the deletion of the yap1-homologue Aoyap1 further emphasize the role played by this stress in controlling metabolic and morphological changes in A. ochraceus.[1]


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