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CDC6 mRNA fluctuates periodically in the yeast cell cycle.

Using cultures synchronized by two independent procedures, alpha-factor arrest and centrifugal elutriation, we have investigated the expression of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae CDC6 gene through the cell cycle. Our results show that the CDC6 gene is periodically expressed in the yeast cell cycle. The level of CDC6 transcripts increases in late G1, reaching a peak (approximately 10-20-fold over the initial level) at about the G1/S phase boundary. The peak of CDC6 mRNA was observed to overlap or slightly precede that of the CDC8 message, and to obviously precede that of the histone H2A message by some 25 min. Unlike histone H2A mRNA, the CDC6 mRNA as well as CDC8 mRNA were not affected by hydroxyurea treatment. These results suggest that regulation of H2A mRNA is different from that of CDC6 or CDC8. We have studied the 5'-flanking regions of CDC6 and other cell cycle-regulated genes. DNA sequence analysis of the CDC6 promoter revealed two sequences, 5'-C/GACGCGNC/G-3' and 5'-PuGNAGAAA-3' (where Pu is a purine, and N is any nucleotide), which are repeated three times each. Similar sequence elements have also been found among several cell cycle-regulated genes, including the CDC8 gene, but are not found upstream of histone genes. The possible significance of these elements is discussed.[1]


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