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A new syndrome with cerebro-oculo-skeletal-renal involvement.

We report on an infant male who presented with microcephaly of prenatal onset, schizencephaly, decorticated disturbance of the neurological function, congenital optic atrophy, abnormal eye movements and nystagmus. In addition, he had a skeletal dysplasia with predominant acromelic involvement and a renal disease characterized by both nephritic and nephrotic changes. The natural history of his condition included severe postnatal failure to thrive, lack of development of psychomotor milestones, intractable seizures, terminal renal insufficiency with early death. Such spectrum of phenotypic abnormalities has never been reported before and we suggest that it may represent a new syndromic entity. The differential diagnosis with the oculo-skeletal-renal syndromes, with the osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism of the Taybi-Linder type and with the Hutterite cerebro-osteo-nephrodysplasia, is discussed.[1]


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