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Effect of clofibrate on peroxisomal lignoceroyl-CoA ligase activity.

The effect of a 2-week clofibrate (0.5%)-fortified diet on peroxisomal palmitoyl-CoA and lignoceroyl-CoA ligases was studied. The activities of palmitoyl-CoA and lignoceroyl-CoA ligases in peroxisomes isolated from clofibrate-treated animals were 4.4- and 4.0-fold higher than those of the controls. The different degrees of increases in these two enzyme activities support the previous conclusions that in peroxisomes palmitoyl-CoA ligase and lignoceroyl-CoA ligase are different enzymes. Since clofibrate treatment increases both of these peroxisomal acyl-CoA ligase activities and normal palmitoyl-CoA ligase is the source of the partial activity for the oxidation of lignoceric acid in X-ALD, treatment with a hypolipidemic drug, which can increase human peroxisomal enzyme activities, may be helpful in lowering the amount of the pathogen, VLC fatty acids, in X-ALD.[1]


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