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Clustered arg genes on a BamHI segment of the Escherichia coli chromosome.

BamHI cleavage of DNAs from transducing phages gamma darg13 (ppc, argECBH, bfe), gamma darg14 (ppc, argECBH) and gamma darg23 (argECBH) yields three purely gamma DNA segments (and, in one case, a fourth), as well as several Excherichia coli-DNA-containing segments. The length (in kilobases, kb) of the segments, determined by electron microscopy and ararose gel electrophoresis is 4.2, 7.5, 8.4, 6.2, 6.9, and 6.4 kb for gamma darg13; 13.0, 7.5, 4.7, 6.2, 6.9, and 6.4 kb for gamma darg 14: and 5.3, 11.0, 4.7, 6.2, 6.9, and 6.4 kb for gamma darg23. Ordering of the segments (in relation to the gamma genetic map and with the direction from left to right corresponding to the clockwise orientation of the E. coli genetic map and to each of the numerical sequences given) reveals, on 26 kb of bacterial DNA, two cleavage sites defining the 7.5-kb segment obtainable from the DNA of either gamam darg13 or gamma darg14. These and analogous findings with argEC and argCB deletion-bearing strains, together with results from heteroduplex experiments, locate argE, argC, argB, and presumably argH on the 7.5-kb segment.[1]


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