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Immunosuppressive activity of bovine seminal RNase on T-cell proliferation.

The interest in the immunosuppressive activity of mammalian seminal plasma depends largely on its putative role in the immunoregulation of both the male and female genital systems. We report here that the immunosuppressive action of bovine seminal plasma is based on the presence in this fluid of copious amounts of an immunosuppressive RNase, bovine seminal RNase. Studies of structure-function relationships have revealed that the immunosuppressive activity of seminal RNase depends on the integrity of the dimeric structure of the enzyme, as well as on the integrity of its catalytic function. While bovine seminal RNase has no effect on the secretion of interleukin-2 by T-cell cultures, the enzyme has been found to decrease drastically the expression of the alpha-chain of the interleukin-2 receptor on the T-cell membrane.[1]


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