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Gene Review

RNASE1  -  ribonuclease, RNase A family, 1 (pancreatic)

Bos taurus

Synonyms: RAC1, SRN
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Disease relevance of SRN


High impact information on SRN

  • Seminal RNase belongs to an interesting group of RNases, the RISBASES (RIbonucleases with Special, i.e. non catalytic, Biological Actions) other members of which include angiogenin, selectively neurotoxic RNases, a lectin and the self-incompatibility factors from a flowering plant [6].
  • Both the primary and tertiary structures of the RNase A differ substantially from those of the seminal ribonuclease in the loop region 16-22 [7].
  • The results presented here, while confirming and expanding upon those previously reported on the antitumor effects of bovine seminal RNase in vivo on primary thyroid epithelial tumors, indicate for the first time that bovine seminal RNase can also be regarded as a potent antimetastatic agent on in vivo spontaneous metastases [8].
  • Seminal ribonuclease inhibits tumor growth and reduces the metastatic potential of Lewis lung carcinoma [8].
  • In vitro studies on selective inhibition of tumor cell growth by seminal ribonuclease [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of SRN


Biological context of SRN


Anatomical context of SRN


Associations of SRN with chemical compounds


Other interactions of SRN

  • A comparison of the sequences of three homologous ribonucleases (RNase A, angiogenin and bovine seminal RNase) identifies three surface loops that are highly variable between the three proteins [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SRN


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