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Dissociation of bovine 6S procarboxypeptidase A by reversible condensation with 2,3-dimethyl maleic anhydride: application to the partial characterization of subunit III.

Bovine 6S procarboxypeptidase A can be dissociated into its three subunits by acylation with dimethyl maleic anhydride. The deacylated subunits are obtained in a largely native form due to instability of the bonds to dimethyl maleate at pH values near neutrality. The seven first residues of subunit III are identical to residues 18-24 of bovine chymotrypsinogen B and very similar with the same residues in bovine chymotrypsinogen A and C (subunit II) and also in proelastase A of the African lungfish. Therefore, this subunit is likely to be a chymotrypsinogen or proelastase-A-like zymogen which has lost the ability to be activated on account of a deletion of the N-terminal residues from half-cystine 1 to valine 17. Like other pancreatic zymogens, subunit III appears to possess a weakly functional active site.[1]


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