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Partial purification of somatomedin from human plasma.

Fractional precipitation of human plasma using ethanol, followed by chromatography on S.P. Sephadex, yielded a somatomedin-enriched fraction freed from substantial amounts of inhibitory substances. Heat coagulation of the proteins present in this fraction allowed the recovery of appreciable amounts of active components which were then chromatographed on Sephadex G-75 and S.P. Sephadex. A major part of the activity was associated with components less than 4,000 daltons, suggesting that somatomedin, or an active fragment thereof, had been dissociated from a carrier protein by the heat treatment. The range of pH employed throughout was 5.3-9. 8. Recoveries of about 30% of biological activity with fold-purification up to 38, as measured by radioactive sulphate uptake in the chick pelvic cartilage assay, were higher than those obtained using acid-ethanol extraction.[1]


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