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Provocation of massive hepatic necrosis by endotoxin after partial hepatectomy in rats.

When rats received endotoxin 48 hours after two-thirds liver resection, 50% of them died within 12 hours with massive hepatic necrosis at a dose that did not affect sham-operated rats. In the hepatic sinusoids, fibrin deposition and endothelial cell destruction occurred 5 hours after endotoxin administration. When antithrombin III concentrate was infused concomitantly with endotoxin administration, all rats survived 12 hours, and the extent of hepatic necrosis and the deranged serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase values were significantly attenuated at 5 hours compared with those in the control rats. Similar improvements in the incidence of mortality and liver injury were observed after treatment with gum arabic before hepatectomy. The stimulatory state of Kupffer cells based on the ability to produce superoxide anions estimated by formazan deposition after liver perfusion with nitro blue tetrazolium and phorbol myristate acetate was increased between 24 and 72 hours after operation. This increase disappeared after gum arabic treatment. It is concluded that massive hepatic necrosis can occur as a result of sinusoidal fibrin deposition provoked by endotoxin in partially hepatectomized rats. Activated Kupffer cells may contribute to this provocation.[1]


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