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Prenatal therapy of a patient with vitamin-B12-responsive methylmalonic acidemia.

Methylmalonic acidemia due to deficient synthesis of 5'-deoxyadenosylcobalamin was discovered in a mid-term fetus by culture of amniotic-fluid cells. Elevated concentrations of methylmalonic acid were also found in amniotic fluid and maternal urine. Treatment during the last nine weeks of gestation with large doses of vitamin B12 given to the mother reversed the increasing maternal excretion of methylmalonic acid, which was 23 mug per milligram of creatinine at 31 weeks' gestation. Just before delivery, the mother was excreting 5 mug, two to three times normal. At birth the methylmalonic acid content of the baby's urine (67 mug per milligram of creatinine) and serum (2.0 mug per milliliter) was only moderately elevated, and serum vitamin B12 concentration was very high. Acid levels rose in serum and urine in response to oral protein loading, but subsided after vitamin B12 administration. The infant is developing normally on a restricted protein diet alone at present. Prenatal therapy of methylmalonic acidemia is possible with large amount of vitamin B12 administered to the mother.[1]


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