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Changes in mouse MHC expression during the cell cycle of Con A-treated spleen cells.

This study was directed at correlating the expression of class I MHC determinants with different segments of the cell cycle by using dual laser flow microfluorometry to measure levels of both DNA and cell surface H-2Kd or H-2Dd determinants for single cells. Con A-treated mouse spleen cells were identified as being in the G2/M or G0/G1 phases of the cell cycle on the basis of propidium iodide or Hoechst 33342 dye bound to DNA. Monoclonal anti-H-2 antibodies, indirectly fluoresceinated with goat anti-mouse IgG, were used to detect MHC determinants. The average level of both Kd and Dd determinants expressed by G2/M cells was about 1.6-fold higher than that expressed by G0/G1 cells. These observations indicate that the average-size G0/G1 and G2/M cells have the same apparent surface density of Kd and Dd determinants, insofar as we estimate that these cells differ in surface area by a factor of about 1. 5. We also analyzed the expression of Kd and Dd determinants by measuring how they changed as a function of the intensity of forward light scatter from cells. For both G2/M and G0/G1 cells, changes in light scatter intensity were associated with parallel changes in levels of Dd and Kd determinants, indicating a common mechanism(s) that controls their cell surface expression.[1]


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