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Scalp topography and distribution of cortical somatosensory evoked potentials to median nerve stimulation.

Topographies and distributions of cortical SEPs to median nerve stimulation were studied in 8 normal adults and 5 neurological patients. SEPs recorded from C4, P4, Pz, T6-A1A2 derivations to left median nerve stimulation were composed of 2 early negative (N16, N20) and 2 positive components (P12, P23), whereas those recorded from frontal electrodes (Fz, Fp1, Fp2) disclosed 2 early negativities (N16, N24) and 2 early positivities (P12, P20). N20 and P20, and P23 and N24, reversed across the rolandic fissure with no significant difference in their peak latencies. P23 was of slightly shorter latency at C4 than at more posterior electrodes (P4, T6, Pz). In 3 patients with complete hemiplegia but normal sensation, all the early SEP components were normal in scalp distribution and peak latencies except for a decrease of N24 amplitude. In 2 patients with complete hemiplegia and sensory loss no early cortical SEPs were seen. These findings suggest that N20 and P20 are generated as a single horizontal dipole in the central fissure, whereas P23 and N24 are a reflection of multiple generators in pre- and postrolandic regions.[1]


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