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SSA/Ro antigen expression in simian virus 40-transformed human keratinocytes.

SSA/Ro antigen is a soluble cellular component to which antibodies are frequently produced in patients with Sjögren's syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus. Its exact location within the cell has yet to be determined. In this study we report the expression of SSA/Ro antigen in simian virus 40 (SV40)-transformed keratinocytes. The locations of SSA/Ro, U1RNP, and DNA antigens were studied by indirect immunofluorescence using monospecific antibodies. SSA/Ro antigen was detected in both the nucleus and cytoplasm of SV40-transformed keratinocytes tested with three monospecific sera. Primary cultured keratinocytes derived from adult human skin showed localized immunofluorescent staining within the nucleus. When Ca++ concentration of the medium was switched to 0.05 mM, these cells expressed cytoplasmic SSA/Ro antigens within 48 h. Depletion of the antibody activity with insolubilized human spleen extract abolished the staining. Surface expression of this antigen could not be detected in either primary or transformed cells. Localization of U1RNP and DNA was not altered. These results indicate that expression of SSA/Ro antigen in human keratinocytes is modulated by SV40 infection and that this antigen is expressed to a greater degree in cells that are less differentiated, transformed, or proliferating.[1]


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