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The binding of thioureylene compounds to human serum albumin.

The binding interactions of some thioureylene compounds to human serum albumin were studied in vitro by ultraviolet spectroscopy and equilibrium dialysis. Binding of 6-n-propyl-2-thiouracil, 6-n-benzyl-2-thiouracil and 2-thiouracil to human serum albumin results in a red shift of the ultraviolet absorption maximum, suggesting that the binding site is a hydrophobic area of the protein. Bindings of 6-n-propyl-2-thiouracil and 6-n-benzyl-2-thiouracil to human serum albumin are characterized by two classes of sites while 6-n-propyl-uracil and 2-thiouracil bind to one low-affinity binding site. In addition, an identification of those sites was performed by measuring the displacement of these drugs. The data show that the moderate-affinity site is common with the warfarin site while the low-affinity site is likely to be shared by benzodiazepines. It is concluded that the binding is enhanced by the hydrophobicity of the substituent in the thioureylene compounds, and it is further shown that thiol-group substitutions in the thioureylene ring will weaken the binding.[1]


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