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Cleavage of the O antigen 4, 5, 12 of Salmonella typhimurium by hydrofluoric acid.

The effect of hydrofluoric acid (aqueous 48% HF) upon different lipopolysaccharides (LPS) was studied, employing conditions (48 h at +4 degrees C) that are commonly used to dephosphorylate LPS. From the LPS of Salmonella typhimurium having the O antigen 4,5,12 almost all of the O-antigenic sugars (Abe, Gal, Glc, Man, Rha) were liberated in dialysable form, whereas the saccharide chains of Salmonella LPS with O antigen 6,7 (Man, Glc, GlcNAc) were resistant to HF. The lability towards HF was shown to be due to the presence of the deoxysugar L-rhamnose in the saccharide backbone of the O antigen 4,5,12, since only Rha was found as the terminal sugar in the corresponding dialysable material. Hydrofluoric acid can thus be used to specifically cleave Rha-containing polysaccharides.[1]


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