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Sequence and expression of human myosin alkali light chain isoforms.

In order to initiate the study of the functional differences between myosin alkali light chain isoforms and to investigate the mechanisms of their differential expression, we have isolated cDNA clones for two human alkali light chain isoforms. Here we report DNA sequence and RNA blotting analyses that demonstrate that these cDNAs represent transcripts encoding human MLC3F and MLC1Sb. The sequence of the human MLC1Sb cDNA offers the first fully characterized example of a slow-fiber skeletal muscle alkali light chain isoform from any species. The sequence analysis of these two cDNAs allows an examination of evolutionarily conserved features of mammalian alkali light chain genes. Examination of the genomic organization of the human alkali light chain isoform genes revealed that, in contrast with some strains of mice, both are single copy genes. RNA blot analysis conclusively demonstrates that the human skeletal muscle MLC1Sb gene is also expressed in the heart ventricle but not the atria. In addition, we examined the expression of alkali light chain isoforms during the in vitro differentiation of a variety of human and rodent myogenic cells and found striking variation in the pattern of alkali light chain isoform gene expression in different myogenic cells.[1]


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