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Synthesis of thiostatins (major acute-phase alpha 1 proteins) in different strains of Rattus norvegicus.

1. Two different thiostatin proteins were detected by crossed immunoelectrophoresis in plasma of the following inbred strains of Rattus norvegicus; Wistar, Sprague Dawley, Hooded Wistar, Lewis, Porton-Albino, ACI, Long Evans, and Katholiek, a mutant strain of the Brown Norway. 2. Only one thiostatin protein was detected using crossed immunoelectrophoresis in plasma from the Buffalo rat. 3. Comparison of partially purified thiostatins from Buffalo, Wistar, and Sprague Dawley rats in polyacrylamide gels showed that the thiostatin protein in Buffalo rat plasma corresponded to thiostatin 1 of the two thiostatins of the Wistar and Sprague Dawley rats. 4. Thiostatin 1 mRNA and thiostatin 2 mRNA, of approximately 1.7 kilobases, were both demonstrated in RNA from Buffalo rat liver.[1]


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