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Formation of hybrid cell-cell channels.

The oocyte cell-cell channel assay was used to demonstrate that connexin-43 is a cell-cell channel-forming protein as previously shown for connexin-32. Expression of connexin-32 in one and connexin-43 in the other oocyte of a pair results in the formation of junctional conductances at rates similar to those observed when only one or the other connexin is expressed in both oocytes of a pair. This suggests that hybrid cell-cell channels form in the oocyte system. Hybrid channels also form when a connexin-43 mRNA-injected oocyte is paired with a noninjected oocyte expressing endogenous connexin. The latter hybrids have properties apparently contributed by both types of hemichannels. Pure connexin-43 channels are not voltage gated, whereas pure oocyte channels are voltage dependent; hybrids of these channels rectify.[1]


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