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Incidence and severity of gestational diabetes in Bahrain and Australia.

The incidence and severity of gestational diabetes in a series of 5,199 predominantly Arab patients in Bahrain, and 2,643 of mixed racial origin in Australia were studied. The incidence of gestational diabetes in Bahrain (5.4%) was less than in Australia (7.2%) but the more severe degrees were 3 times more common in Bahrain (p less than 0.001). The incidence of gestational diabetes was significantly increased with increasing maternal age and parity. A notable difference between the 2 populations occurred in the groups weighing less than 70 kg. Although Bahrain had a higher proportion of patients weighing less than 70 kg (64.7% versus 55.9%; p less than 0.001) there was a significantly higher incidence of gestational diabetes in this group in the Australian series (13.9% versus 3.7%, p less than 0.001). Postnatal testing of 165 gestational diabetics in Bahrain and 194 in Australia indicated that although the severe degrees of glucose intolerance were more likely to persist postnatally, it was impossible to predict in the individual patient the change in glucose tolerance that would occur after delivery. All gestational diabetics should therefore have a postnatal glucose tolerance test.[1]


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