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Biliary tract complications in orthotopic adult liver transplantation.

In a series of orthotopic liver transplantations performed between April and August 1987 at the University of Pittsburgh, the monofilament absorbable suture polyglyconate was compared with a braided absorbable suture, polyglactin 910, for its biliary complication rate over a 6-month postoperative period. Complications that were suture-related (obstruction or leak from the anastomotic site) occurred in 1 of 21 transplantations in the polyglyconate group compared with 8 of 26 in the polyglactin 910 group (p = 0.02). Even though the patient sample was relatively small, it appears that the type of suture used for the biliary anastomosis directly correlates with the outcome. A larger patient trial could confirm these initial results.[1]


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