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Biliary Tract

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  • In the obstructed animals, the biliary tree volume measured during taurocholate choleresis (67.4 +/- 15.8 microliters/g liver) was significantly greater than that determined during the increase in bile flow induced by secretin (39.5 +/- 10.4 microliters/g liver) [23].
  • Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol: role of oxysterols in biliary tract diseases [24].
  • The majority of patients with both bilirubin and cholesterol intrahepatic stones had stones throughout the biliary tree simultaneously [25].
  • Biliary secretion of unbiotransformed ceftriaxone occurs at high concentrations; secondary Ca2+ entry results in the formation of supersaturated canalicular bile and subsequent precipitation as a calcium salt in the biliary tract [26].
  • 99mTc bound to [(2,6 dimethylphenylcarbamoylmethyl) iminodiacetic acid] (5 mCi) was administered intravenously to visualize the liver and biliary tract [27].

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