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Visual cortex development in the ferret. I. Genesis and migration of visual cortical neurons.

The production of ferret visual cortical neurons was studied using 3H-thymidine autoradiography. The genesis of cortical neurons begins on or slightly before embryonic day 20 (E20) of the 41 d gestational period, continues postnatally until 2 weeks after birth ( P14), and follows an inside-out radial gradient with neurons for the deeper cortical layers being generated before those for the superficial layers. Layer I neurons are generated both early (E20-E30) and late (P1- P14) in the period of cortical neurogenesis and, thus, provide at least a partial exception to the inside-out gradient of cortical neurogenesis. Tangential gradients of cortical neurogenesis extend across areas 17 and 18 in both the anterior-to-posterior and lateral-to-medial directions. Neither of these gradients bears a meaningful relationship to the cortical representation of the visual field. Most infragranular and granular layer neurons are generated prenatally, while most supragranular layer neurons are produced postnatally. Neurons destined for a given layer are produced over a period of several days, and the neurons generated on any given day contribute to the formation of 2 or more cortical layers. In general, prenatally generated neurons complete their migration in 1 week or less, while most postnatally generated neurons require approximately 2 weeks to complete their migration.[1]


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