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Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy without sedation: a prospective study of 2000 examinations.

Various drugs are used for sedation prior to upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, some with undesirable side effects. In an attempt to avoid these side effects, 2000 upper diagnostic gastrointestinal endoscopies were performed in a period of 4 years between 1982 and 1986, without any sedation, using Olympus GIF-Q and GIF-P3 gastroscopes. Anxiety, ease of introduction of gastroscope, tolerance of the procedure, and the overall success of the procedure were assessed. Most patients were calm (81.2%); 94.4% had an easy introduction of the gastroscope, 80.3% tolerated the procedure well; and 94.2% of the endoscopies were completely successful. There were no complications, and only four examinations failed (0.2%). Sedation had to be used (intravenous diazepam) in 32 patients due to excessive anxiety and an inability to introduce the gastroscope and in three children under 10 years (1.6%). The average time needed to complete an endoscopy without sedation was found to be 9.5 min, nearly half of the average time needed before this study when sedation was routinely given. It is concluded that upper gastrointestinal endoscopy without sedation can be a safe, quick, well-tolerated procedure.[1]


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