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Chemical Compound Review

Relanium     10-chloro-6-methyl-2-phenyl- 3,6...

Synonyms: Stesolid, diazepam, Apaurin, Diazemuls, Faustan, ...
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  • We found that the mutation in GABRG2 (encoding the gamma2-subunit) abolished in vitro sensitivity to diazepam, raising the possibility that endozepines do in fact exist and have a physiological role in preventing seizures [10].
  • The rates of respiratory or circulatory complications (indicated by bag valve-mask ventilation or an attempt at intubation, hypotension, or cardiac dysrhythmia) after the study treatment was administered were 10.6 percent for the lorazepam group, 10.3 percent for the diazepam group, and 22.5 percent for the placebo group (P=0.08) [1].
  • Patients were randomly assigned to receive either rectal diazepam gel, at a dosage varying from 0.2 to 0.5 mg per kilogram of body weight on the basis of age, or placebo [11].
  • An analysis restricted to children who had seizures while actually receiving the study medication (7 in the diazepam group and 29 in the placebo group) showed an 82 percent reduction in the risk of febrile seizures with diazepam (relative risk = 0.18; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.09 to 0.37; P < 0.001) [2].
  • Cimetidine is known to impair the hepatic microsomal oxidation of diazepam, reducing its clearance and prolonging its half-life [12].

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